The Rhymes: Internal. The fame: anything but. Rapper Internal Rhyme is Philly's next best thing.


There is a fine line between someone who raps and a hip-hop artist. There is a finer line between being a hip hop artist and being a poet. Jeremy Goldsmith, going by the moniker Internal Rhyme, has mastered the art of flirting with that line. Jeremy is not just a rapper, but rather an artist who appreciates the craft of storytelling through pinpoint lyricism. Sporting a backwards hat, a hippie-patterned sweater and armed with a mind full of catchy phrases, Internal Rhyme could very well be on the right track to seeing his name topping the same charts as Big Sean and Mac Miller.

When one starts researching the work of this 22-year old from Philadelphia, you will instantly come across his video for "Pokémon Flow", an ingenious play on words using all 151 names of the original Pokémon. Although I highly recommend this song to anyone who is (or isn't) a fanatic of the Pokemon franchise, there is so much more to the talent of Jeremy Goldsmith than a Tangela Pokémon puns (sorry. I'll see myself out).

"Incense", his newest track , reveals Jeremy's inner artist. His use of the phrase "keep that incense burnin'...'' alludes to his dedication to the grind of writing, producing and performing. His hooks echo the simplicity and elegance of a young Wiz Khalifa. However, these choruses just serve as an appetizer to the main dish, the verses, which are Internal Rhyme's bread and butter. Poetry set to a beat is not a skill that can be taught, it comes from relentless practice and a divinely gifted affinity for rhythm and analogy, and Jeremy's got it.

     It's no secret that he plans on making this a full time job (if it isn't already) and that he's more than qualified – no interview necessary. In case you were unsure about Internal Rhyme's passion for the game, allow him to tell you himself through his track "My Road," which features a hook that speaks true to every millennial: "F$#@ your 9 to know what I mean."

No explanation required.


   Mellow beats from top-notch producers (Goodwaves, LVTENYTE), slick ciphers, and sincerity are Internal Rhyme's formula for success, and in my personal opinion that's all he needs. He speaks to a generation of music lovers whose radios are littered with hip-hop artists bragging about the women they sleep with, the drugs they do, and their lavish lifestyles. Even though we all deep down have a soft spot for those ratchet, ignorant tracks, they're not too appropriate 100% of the time – more so for turning up with the crew on a Friday night. Jeremy Goldsmith is a real hip-hop artist, a poet, and a breath of fresh air. Check out his new tracks as well as his older jams on his SoundCloud and like his Facebook for updates on upcoming performances in the greater Philly area. The future of hip-hop is in good hands, and you will not be disappointed. I think Internal Rhyme will soon forget those days when he "couldn't sell a free CD".


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This article was written by Anthony Tortorello. Follow Anthony on Instagram @buonappetort and Kosimo on all social media platforms @KOSIMOgroup