Sus Bus Presents: Sus Session. A remarkable gathering of genuine artistry, love, and talent.


Peace, harmony, passion, culture, talent; they may claim to be suspect, but of these they are certainly guilty. They are also guilty of putting on the most inspirational and groovy showcase of art and love that I've personally ever seen. Beneath a halo of indigo lights sprinkled with suspended daisies the Sus Bus put on a display so soulful that it would make Otis Reading wish he was a millennial.

       From the moment you walk in you are welcomed by a room filled with local art and artists, for a modest donation (you don't pay for movements, you donate to them) you have the privilege of participating in a night of music, positive vibrations, and tranquility. Grab a drink and be greeted by the smoothest man in the room - Senpai (@senpaination). Not only is he your MC on this journey, he's also the best dressed and the kick ass closer that will later end your night right.

       He first introduces Ny the Mind (@nyashamedina) who spills her soul from her journal in the form of spoken word. I just stood in awe and joined in the snaps of sympathetic agreement. Also, from what I understand she is the mastermind behind the successful operation of this event. So we have her to thank for that, and we do thank you, Nyasha.

       For this next artist, I need a disclaimer. Every once in a while you hear a voice so immediately genuine and flawless that you're just thankful you got to see her before she's charging sixty-five dollars a ticket at MSG. Enter Mercedes Samuels ( Although not a direct member of Sus Bus, they couldn't have found a better guest performer. She may have been donning black from head to toe but Mercedes showed her true colors on that stage; and she may be small but she filled the entire room that night, commanding everyone's attention.  Whether it's covering songs with harmonic effects, or echoing the stylings of SZA in an original about women's empowerment ("Goddess") Mercedes is guaranteed to be on your most played list soon after seeing her perform in such an intimate setting. 


Waiting patiently on deck to drop it in his most characteristic style, is Knowledge (@nasgotaninstagram). Rocking the tallest pair of overalls and John Lennon style circle glasses, Knowledge lectures you for thirty minutes about topics like his mother, equality, and love. This man is the whole package. He raps like Cole, sings like Frank Ocean, combining the two like no one else can and delivering it through a personality that would make Will Smith jealous.


The magic did not stop there. FREEWIL (@2illwill) was the jazzy glue that held it all together with features before delivering an energetic solo performance showing off that he has absolutely everything it takes to be a game changer in R&B. Fluffy Jazzette (@fluffyjazzette) and her bass guitar, Purefoy on the drums and Red Giant all added to the mellow and melodious mood of the evening. I swear I could write a separate blog post praising every one of them. 

       Sorab Kochhar, CEO of Kosimo said "It was the purest form of love; artistry so genuine it sent chills up my spine".

       I think this goes without saying, but I am absolutely on the bus and I think whether you're a time traveling hippie, a lover of art, a lover of peace or just a lover, you should be too. Leave all worries and prejudice at the door and come ready to feel good for a while. In my opinion, Sus Bus is going to be "from basements to stages" in no time. So get on the bus, you don't want to be left behind. Start by going to Sus Session #4 and finding everything you've been looking for in this chic, humble home in New Brunswick. Oh, and...


If you like that shit, do that shit.


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This article was written by Anthony Tortorello. Follow Anthony on instagram @buonappetort and Kosimo on all social media platforms @KOSIMOgroup