knostalgia isn’t about looking to the past with fondness. knostalgia is for the nights you’ll wish you could come back to. knostalgia's creative endeavors focus on creating memories and content today that we can look back on in the future. He is a passionate producer and aims to deliver performing sets so grand that the impermanence of the experience immediately creates a sense of loss at the realization that such a perfect arrangement of people and music will be hard to recreate. knostalgia is about constructing glowing landmarks not in space but in time that bring fans back to the people that they once were.

Knyck Russell (knostalgia) has been studying guitar and piano since the age of 6. He began composing music at the age of 10, while growing up in Berkely Heights, NJ. He started live performing at the age of 13 and I picked up djing seriously at 18. Since then close friends and industry peers, local artists and performers have had a monumental impact on his growth as a musician, specifically artist/performer Sweats and fellow-DJ Gadlee. Influenced by the soulful reggae his father played during his adolescence and minimalist house music during the EDM-fueld craze, gave way to a love for writing and genre-free enrichment that paved the path for his sound today. All these musical threads have resulted in a interwoven tapestry that represents his rhythmic and melodic persona brought into a modern symphony of hip-hop and dance music.

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