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Music has always been a part of SKII’s life. From a young age, he mastered the piano, guitar, bass and drums. Later on he used these skills and applied them to his approach to electronic music. His school with instruments helped him get accepted into West Chester University with a music scholarship. Since his early days, SKII has won over the ears of thousands of listeners through his unique, chill style. A style he developed through emotion and his European culture. He has worked in just about every electronic genre known, and is never afraid to embark on a new and uncommon projects.

SKII is based out of the busy city of Philadelphia, a place he has called home all of his life. He was born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love and has always been in love with the city’s talented citizens constantly pushing out more and more art. He began producing rap beats for a close friend, and after that friend decided not to pursue a career in music, SKII kept pushing forward. Day by day, he conquered different genres, while working alongside many different artists in the industry. Artists like Diplo and Timbaland influenced SKII for years, and he modeled his work after them until he crafted his own sound. SKII has been producing for many years, and will continue to do so, simply for the passion and love for music.

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