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Performer, artist, entrepreneur, and professional emcee, Sorab is half man/half machine.

The spearhead for the Kosimo movement, Sorab never lets this attainable goal out of his sight. KOSIMO is not only an independent-label for up-and-coming artists from the Tri-State, but is looking to become a one-stop-shop for all your entertainment & event hosting needs.

Ever since childhood, Sorab has been a performer and entertainer at heart. Initially picking up dance in his adolescence and heavily influenced by 90s' hip-hop and RnB - he resonated with acts such as 112, Brian McKnight, In late high-school, he picked up guitar and began performing publicly through music as opposed to dance which helping him come into the limelight as an artist. Fast forward to current-day, Sorab manages all Kosimo artists and has developed the brand to become synonymous with a new home for music. 

The future has much in-store for the young brand and ambitious owner, founded in 2017, Kosimo continues to grow its ever-expanding roster of artists and hopes to soon find its place amongst the various mega-labels in the music industry. 

To win the city, you must first win the heart of the people.

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Personal: sorab12ka4@yahoo.com | Professional: sorabkochhar@yahoo.com

Management: contact@kosimo.life | Private: bookings@shiroseinternational.com